I need lessons on applying sunscreen

Hello everyone!!

Well I fell behind in the photo a day challenge and gave up. Surprise surprise!

Saturday, my friend Karen and I went swimming. It was good to have girl time. I mostly hang out with my guy friends, all of my girl friends are either married or they don’t live here… I had been needing girl time!


I put sunscreen on THREE times, Karen can back that up… I don’t know how this happened.


Really?!?! My poor pale skin.


A couple of months ago my Iphone broke and I wasn’t up for an upgrade, a friend let me borrow his until I could get a new one. I ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy S4. I.LOVE.IT!!!! I posted on Facebook asking if I should get the iphone 5 or the Galaxy. Almost everyone commented back saying Iphone. I am SO glad I didn’t listen to them! I think people are just afraid of change, something new. They are all on the iphone bandwagon and afraid to switch. I’m glad I switched to an android! The camera is SO much better on the galaxy, my pictures on the iphone were always really grainy and I hated that!


Still going strong on eating healthier. I’m down 7lbs. I haven’t had a coke since May 5th!! I’ve only had fast food maybe 2 or 3 times since then.
I did cheat the other day and got a Taco Villa burrito… I used to eat Taco Villa at least twice a week ( a lot of times it would be more!) so that’s pretty good!

Well that’s all I have for now. I will be taking a lot more pictures now that I have a better phone with a better camera!


I’m a little behind. These pictures are from a few weeks ago.

I promised that I’d get better at taking pictures and posting on here but as you can tell that hasn’t happened.

Danyelle’s last day was Friday 😦   I’m so sad! She is moving to Austin and I will miss her so much! She told me to move with her but… I can’t leave my family. Other people just don’t understand that. We are a close family, I wouldn’t last 3 weeks away from them!!

Mom and Dad got back from Nashville yesterday, I haven’t seen them yet. I wish we all could have gone this year, next year we will go for sure!  I haven’t been out of town since we went to Nashville last year! Crazy!


Summer has officially begun.

There is a couple that used to go to the church that have a pool. They are awesome and open their backyard up for anyone who wants to go. Kayla & the kids have gone for the past few Summers. 

Yesterday was the first time I busted my camera out in awhile. I’m glad I did because I got a lot of good pictures of Jude. Of course I can’t share those on here though. :/

I can’t wait to take more pictures this Summer!

I don’t have many pictures of Casey. He was too busy with his friends.