Texas Summer Nights


Day 5: Environment

Lastnight I went to Zach’s house. We decided to go to the lake by his house to go fishing. We didn’t catch anything but we (me, Zach & Kevin) had fun just sitting out there talking. We stayed past dark, people were posting all over Facebook about not being ready for the bad weather, being scared, parking cars at car washes and we kept saying “Do these people know something we don’t?” “Why are they freaking out? We never get storms” etc. Not 10 minutes after we got back to Zach’s the storm hit us. It was INSANE! It seriously looked like a hurricane outside. The trees looked like they were going to bend in half. It poured, hailed etc. I’m glad we left the park when we did!
My sister, Kayla, said their power was out for awhile. We lost power at Zach’s house but it came right back on.

While at Zach’s I was standing at the back door with it open, watching the storm. The wind slammed the door shut and it went right over my foot! OUCH! My big toe hurts so bad now, It hurts to wear shoes!

This is another picture I took while we were at the park




Saturday evening, Kayla, Sherilyn and I helped mom plant her garden. We planted 16 tomato plants (we are going to have a TON of tomatoes), okra, corn, squash, zucchini and cucumbers. Mom had already planted collard greens peppers a couple of weeks ago. We are going to have a great garden this year (if the storm lastnight didn’t mess it up). I’m excited, we will be getting fresh (FREE!) vegetables! I hate spending a lot of money on produce. Eating healthy sure is expensive!

I stole these pictures from my sister’s blog…. hope she doesn’t mind!










Who knew you could have so much fun planting a garden? When us girls get together we are always laughing and having fun no matter what we are doing.

Yesterday after lunch with the family, I went to Zach’s house and we went fishing. We didn’t have as good of luck as last time. Zach caught 1 fish and I didn’t catch anything, but hey, I remembered to wear sunscreen this time!

While we were there there were 3 boys that weren’t too far from us. I’m going to guess they were about 12-14years old. One of the boys was trying to be “cool” in front of his friends. Every other word out of his mouth was a cuss word. His mother must be so proud. I heard one of the boys say “hey watch your language” but that didn’t stop him. At one point we heard him say to his friend “You wouldn’t understand because you aren’t a redneck like me” HAHAHAHA. Zach and I just looked at each other and laughed.


I haven’t done the Shred since Thursday night. AUGH! I’m such a slacker. I WILL do it every day this week. I have to. I want to get in shape! You can’t get in shape just sitting on the couch and watching Dr. Phil! (I LOVE Dr. Phil!).

My goals for this week are :
1. Do the Shred everyday
2. Drink more water
3. Try to go to sleep at a decent time (that’s hard because I’m a night owl and when I go to bed early I lay there for HOURS!)
4. Take more pictures! This has nothing to do with getting healthy, I just haven’t taken very many pictures lately!

That’s it for now, I hope y’all have a great week!

Gone Fishin!

My good friend Zach has been telling me for a long time to get my fishing license. I finally did yesterday and we went fishing!! We had so much fun! We caught 8. There were these 2 guys that were fishing a little ways away from us and they didn’t catch any. At the very beginning Zach said “we are going to have a competition”… we totally beat them, they just didn’t know we were having a competition.









After we went fishing, we went to our friend Jared’s house for a cook out.



For some reason I had a brain lapse and didn’t think about putting sunscreen on…. I’m pasty and very white, why would I ever forget sunscreen???


This is a pasty white girls bestfriend!!


Very painful! I will not make that mistake again. I’m going to have to buy several bottles of suncreen, we will be out in the sun a lot this summer with fishing, swimming, going to the lake etc.

Yesterday my friend Zach and I went fishing. We didn’t catch anything but it was alot of fun. I think we might try a different spot next weekend. The one time I got a bite was when I was trying to take a picture of a prairie dog. The fish got off the hook before I had a chance to reel it in. :/

He has to cast the line for me, I’m terrible at it. He was laughing so hard when I did try to cast it.

I tried to do what Ernie did… but It didn’t work :/


The next 2 pictures are from lunch today.