Texas Summer Nights


Day 5: Environment

Lastnight I went to Zach’s house. We decided to go to the lake by his house to go fishing. We didn’t catch anything but we (me, Zach & Kevin) had fun just sitting out there talking. We stayed past dark, people were posting all over Facebook about not being ready for the bad weather, being scared, parking cars at car washes and we kept saying “Do these people know something we don’t?” “Why are they freaking out? We never get storms” etc. Not 10 minutes after we got back to Zach’s the storm hit us. It was INSANE! It seriously looked like a hurricane outside. The trees looked like they were going to bend in half. It poured, hailed etc. I’m glad we left the park when we did!
My sister, Kayla, said their power was out for awhile. We lost power at Zach’s house but it came right back on.

While at Zach’s I was standing at the back door with it open, watching the storm. The wind slammed the door shut and it went right over my foot! OUCH! My big toe hurts so bad now, It hurts to wear shoes!

This is another picture I took while we were at the park