Day 11: Sweet

This past weekend was great! Friday night I went to Jeremy’s Christmas party, I ended up knowing a few people he works with. After that we hung out out with some of his coworkers. I didn’t take ANY pictures that night. What’s up with that?!?!

Saturday I went to Casey’s basketball game in Meadow. They wont by like 20+ points. After that I went to the church for a bit, they were doing the Christmas Drive Thru.
Isn’t she cute?!

I ran into Lexi’s mom and hugged her. She said “Lets send Lexi a picture” IMG_6567

Lexi responded with “Awww my two favorite gals!” I miss my Lexi! She comes home the 21st! YAY! I also get to see Danyelle on the 21st. Wait, isn’t that the day the world is ending ? *roll eyes*

I had been telling Jeremy that I am the champion at the game Egyptian Ratscrew so he challenged me. He ended up winning about 10 games in a row. I told him we couldn’t be friends anymore. I’m VERY competitive and I don’t like to lose! After that we played games on the Kinect and I ended up beating him so I told him we could still be friends 😀


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