It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because the family hangs out ALL day! I love it!

Wednesday, I got off work at noon and went to my parents house. Mom still needed to go to the store. Going to the store the day before a big holiday is a BAD idea!

Here is all the drinks that we have to buy for our family. Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite & Big Red!

Mom and I got back to the house and started cooking up a storm! We watched Hallmark Christmas movies while we cooked. Later that evening Kayla, Steve, Casey and Kelbey came over and we ordered pizza.

Sherilyn and I decided to dye our hair….. we both went darker.


 Yes, we know we are hot, you don’t have to tell us 🙂

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Mom told dad to put the butter on the sweet potoatoes…. I don’t think this is what she meant

I am so thankful for my family!


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