Weekend Fun

This past weekend was a good one! Friday night we had the pajama party at the church. We had fun. Jude went also and he had fun playing with Kaydence.  I have a few pictures I can show you.

  Megan is one of my very best friends. We have been friends since I was 15 and she was 13.

We lived together for about 2 1/2 years. We had a lot of fun as roommates !

Saturday was Haylee’s 2nd birthday party.

I am behind on my Photo-A-Day!! EEK!! I hate that.  I will try to get caught up today or tomorrow.

I am so excited for the holidays!!! I have been listening to Christmas music and I am itching to watch Christmas movies. I need to go to Kayla’s house and watch them!

I need to get started on my Christmas shopping!  I think Sherilyn is done. How is that possible?! She always waits till the last minute and this year she’s ahead of the ballgame!


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