This is going to be a random post

Everyone who knows me well knows that I love Taco Villa. I could eat there everyday. No seriously, I could. It’s gotten so bad that I go to 2 different Taco Villas because I don’t want them to know I eat there that much. HA! I walk in and they greet me by name and before the cashier can even finish ringing up my total the manager has my food on the counter waiting (Again, creature of habit… I order the same thing every time). Maybe I should throw a 3rd Taco Villa in the mix.. HA!


So last week I moved to a new place (LOVE IT!). Lastnight after volleyball, I started driving and I was driving to the old apartment. I knew it was going to happen eventually.


I can’t believe that in just a few weeks it’ll be Thanksgiving. I LOVE Thanksgiving! The whole family gets together and we hang out all day. LOVE IT! We usually take a ton of pictures. I’ll be sure to post those because I know you are all DYING to see them 😉  Here is one from a Thanksgiving (not sure the year).

Have I told y’all that my sisters rock? Cause they do. I feel sorry for girls who don’t have a sister(or 3).  😉

I think this was the same year, this is one of my favorite pictures:

The day before Thanksgiving I go to my parents house and help my mom cook. I love it!  I love this time of year! I’m already listening to Christmas music. My coworkers LOVE ME for it. HAHA.


Day 6: Favorite Thing


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