Here I am again

I have been terrible about blogging!! I haven’t taken very many pictures lately, usually Jude and I play outside on Sunday afternoons but we’ve been very careful about being outdoors… we have to be careful of West Nile. We don’t want Jude Dude to get bit!

Not a lot has been going on, just working and hanging out with friends and family. I”m going to try to get better at blogging and taking pictures, I know I’ve said that before, hopefully I mean it this time! I was on a roll for awhile at using my camera and then I just stopped.

I’m getting my hair cut on Tuesday… that may be one of my favorite things to do! I’m also going to have Sherilyn dye my hair on Tuesday night…….. She keeps telling me to do it myself, but I know I would jack it up somehow. It’s safer to let her do it…. although she ruins my jeans all the time by dripping hair dye on them 😉

Speaking of Sherilyn, If you don’t have a Scentsy rep already you should totally hit her up! She’s awesome and good at what she does.   I currently have Lucky in Love in my warmer and I.LOVE.IT. It smells just like “Love Spell” from Victoria’s Secret (my favorite!)

I think that’s about it for now, I will get better at taking pictures and blogging! I promise!



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