I can finally say THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!

This weekend will be a good one, besides the fact that I have to work tomorrow.  I’ll hang out with friends and family. A friend wants me to take her pictures on Sunday, her grandparents are wanting updated photos of her. It  should be a lot of fun! I like to take pictures. I wish my town were prettier and had cool things to photograph. I guess for now I’ll stick to taking pictures of people like Kelbey. 🙂

Dang it I cut off her chin.


A couple of weeks ago I did an online Scentsy party for Sherilyn and I got some cool rewards!! I got this cool plug in. I also got 3 different scents but I don’t remember the names of them, Sherilyn picked them out. The one I have in right now is Vanilla something. HA! Sorry, I’m not any help.  If you don’t have a Scentsy Consultant but would like to purchase Scentsy then you should check out my sister’s Scentsy online page!


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