Story Time

I realized that I mostly post pictures and don’t really ‘blog’. So, I’ll tell stories from time to time and take a break from pictures.

Here’s a story about my experience with neighbors.

I’ve been on my own for 7 years now. I’ve moved 4 times, I’ve lived in 2 apartments. Living in an apartment means you have several different neighbors and your neighbors change frequently. At the first apartment I had next door neighbors who would fight all the time. LOUD FIGHTING at 3am. Or they would smoke weed and it would come in through my vents. There were a few times I thought my dog had a contact high then realized no, he’s just that dumb. I’m kidding. Sort of.  

At the apartment I’m at now, I’ve had several questionable neighbors. At first there were 2 girls who were in a relationship together that lived below me. They fought ALL.THE.TIME.  At that time, I didn’t even need cable. I had reality tv right outside my window and thank goodness for paper thin walls because I could hear EVERYTHING! Sometimes that was good, sometimes that was very bad.  After they broke up, one girl stayed there and the other moved out. After that it was like she had a revolving door. There were always different girls there and then one of the girls would come back and find another girl there and it’d be WWIII.

Then there was the couple that lived next door to me. The guy was verbally and physically abusive to his GF and their son.  I called the cops on him but of course nothing was done, at least not at that time. After awhile I never saw the guy there so I think (at least I hope) that the girl finally came to her senses and kicked him to the curb. 

The guy that lives next door to me right now, I found out is 23 and he basically professed his love to me one night while I was sitting outside reading. He told me that he had always wanted to talk to me and ask me to hang out etc etc. I told him that I was flattered but he was too young for me. He said “Age is just a number!!! Come on give me a shot”. I turned him down again and now he barely speaks to me when we see each other outside. Whoospies.

There’s a couple that live behind me who fight constantly also. It sounds like the guy needs to man up and put his foot down, but that’s just my opinion that he didn’t ask for. 

So there you have it, the lovely life of living in an apartment.


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