Highschool Basketball Road Trips

Lastnight was Casey’s first highschool basketball game. They played in Sundown. I road with Sherilyn & Jude in their car. We had a lot of fun but Jude DID NOT want me looking at him. It was quite funny. Everytime I would turn around to look at him he would shake his head, after awhile it became a game and he’d laugh.

The gym that Casey played in was SO hot. Jude & Kelbey were sweaty, I can’t imagine being one of the players.

Waiting for the game to start. Yes, we know we are ridiculously good looking 😉

Watching Casey

Kelbey wanted to ride in the ‘cool car’ back to Lubbock. Sherilyn and I are way more fun than the others 🙂


Things we learned from Sundown

1.Jude likes Pickle Pringles (He has good taste)

2. Sundown is not a place we would want to live.


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