Guys Are Strange

My friend Karen and I are creatures of habit. We usually go to lunch several times a week. There are 2 places that we go and no where else. We like to play the touchscreen game that they have on the bar top. The bartender at one of the places  always talks to us when we go in there. One of the first times I went in, he told me to buy him a set of golf clubs (yeah dude like i’m going to buy you golf clubs when I haven’t bought myself the Kindle Fire that I want… psshh) … after that, everytime I would go in to eat he would look at me and look behind me and say “where are the clubs? are they back ordered?”. This has been going on for about 2 months.

The other day, I said “I don’t think I even know your name” he said “UGHHHH it’s Bob*, I’ve told you already”. When he gave me my check he had put a heart around his name. HAHAHAHA. 

Karen and I went there to eat yesterday. There was an older man sitting 2 seats away from me.  Bob* said to the older man, “She’s going to buy me some golf clubs, it’s going to be my engagment present from her”. I said “Excuse me?” he said “Don’t act like it’s not true”. HAHAHA.  Then he looked at me said “You look very nice today”.  As we were leaving he says “Come back to see me!!! SOON!!!!”.  We might need to find a new place to go to lunch.

*Names have been changed to protect the crazies.


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