Only I would do this….

I was in a hurry getting ready for work Saturday morning, I only had a lamp on and wasn’t paying attention when I grabbed my boots to put on and I left the house. All day at work I kept thinking “my right boot feels tighter than my left boot”. I went through my day at work, went to Walmart then met the family at Taco Villa. After they ate, we went back to the gym where Casey (my nephew) was playing in a basketball tournament that day. I sat down on some steps and looked down…. this is what I saw


(ignore the scuff on the black boot mmmkay?)

I was horrified!!!! I had been wearing the wrong shoes ALL DAY LONG. I’m so glad I was sitting behind a desk all day. I showed my mom and of course she started laughing and then tried to make me feel better, she said “well you sat behind a desk today so I’m sure no one noticed”. I said “But mama I went to Walmart and Taco Villa! I have to go change clothes!” She told me to hurry up and go before anyone noticed my shoes and to hurry back because my nephew would be playing in 30 minutes. So I hurried home and changed clothes (and shoes) and made it back to the gym. I was horrified at the time but now it’s pretty funny.


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