Netflix oh how I love thee

I LOVE Netflix. I watch it on my iphone. I wish I had an ipad so the screen would be bigger but I guess I’m stuck with the iphone for now.

Lately I’ve been watching Gossip Girl. I LOVE it! I’m not sure why I didn’t watch it when it first came out on tv but I love having all the episodes waiting there for me. I just started season 2 and there are 4 seasons!! YAY! That’ll keep me busy for awhile!


Before I started watching Gossip Girl I was watching Sister Wives

While I may not agree with their choice of lifestyle, I think the show is great and addicting!  I think adding Robyn in the mix was a HUGE mistake.  That’s all I’ll say on that. 🙂

I wish they would immediately upload the new episodes of shows like the day after they air instead of waiting till the end of the season!

I love watching tv shows on Netflix. There are so many more that I want to watch.  Such a Parenthood, Raising Hope, Friday Night Lights and the list goes on!

I had been watching Brothers and Sisters. I think I stopped on season 4. I needed a break, but I will go back and finish the series.

I’m super excited they put Storage Wars on the watch instantly. I’ve only seen a few episodes and I loved it!

I know this makes it look like I watch a lot of tv. I only watch it on my phone at night, I don’t have cable!


2 thoughts on “Netflix oh how I love thee

  1. I refuse to ever watch Gossip Girl. GAY show . Voldemort is gay and refused to do anything on Monday’s because he couldn’t miss his soap. LAME. LOL! Storage Wars is AMAZING! LOVE IT! Daddy and I watch it all the time.
    I haven’t watched Sister Wives, although there’s such a rave about it, like it’s SO awesome. :-/
    Anyways….. 🙂

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