These guys are idiots

So lastnight I was sitting outside on the stairs reading a book on my phone (No, I wasn’t reading The Help UGHHHH). I could hear the people next door, they were being loud. One guy comes outside and starts talking to me. He is WASTED (this is about 8pm). He told me that they had gone through 4 30 packs between 5 guys. (Can we say stupid?) He asked what my name was and I told him. He said “oh wow, that’s a cool name, I’ve never heard that. You know I work with a girl and she has a weird name too…. Lynnnn…. lynd… no I can’t remember.. oh wait its lyndy l…. y…d.. no I don’t remember how to spell it anyway..” then he proceeds to tell me that he “wipes butts all day for a living” and that it’s better than saying “Hi I work at Burger King”. hmm. K.  Another guy comes outside and says “Why are you outside by yourself?” then he sees me and said “oh hi”. The drunk guy says “I was hitting on the neighbor girl”  I wanted to say “Dude, if you think telling me you wipe butts all day is hitting on me you are sadly mistaken” but I didn’t.  He tells the guy “she has a weird name it’s Brett? or something like that ” I said “it’s BRYNNE”. He said ‘oh yeah, Brynne, that’s her name i was telling her I work with a girl name Linda, I mean lyndy something like that”. The 2nd guy says “ok……. why would she want to know that?” drunk guy says “because they both have weird names”.  0_O 

Another guy comes out and he is the guy that actually lives there. He apologizes for his friends and says “Please let me know if we are too loud or we are  bothering you we are practicing” I said “practicing for what?” he said “we have a bet with some other guys that 4 guys can’t float a keg in 4 hours”  (They clearly have some high goals in life).

Random Picture of the Day :  Taking pictures in Office Max is the cool thing to do, didn’t you know that?

Random Fact of the Day: Even a small amount of alcohol placed on a scorpion will make it go crazy and sting itself to death!
(anyone else have the urge to try this ? 🙂 )

Song I’m listening to RIGHT now: Prince Ali – You can’t help but sing along to this song.  Prince Ali! Fabulous He! Ali Ababwa. (I may or may not have googled the lyrics to see how to spell that)


4 thoughts on “These guys are idiots

  1. WHY IN THE WORDL WOULD YOU POST THIS PICTURE!? You wait… LOL! JK… Those guys sound like a bunch of morons!! Yuck! READ THE FREAKING HELP and let me know if it’s good! GEEZE!

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