I’m slacking

I read 4 books in one week and I haven’t read a book in the past week and a half (well besides the books on my kindle).  I still haven’t really read much of The Help. I’ve read about 30 pages. Everyone says how good it is. I just haven’t been able to dive into it. Maybe I got  burnt out on the week before by reading so much in 1 week? I WILL read The Help this week.

 On another note, Megan let me borrow Big Bang Theory Season 4. WOO HOO!!!! I LOVE this show!  Kayla- We need to somehow get season 1 so you can start from the beginning! I seriously love Sheldon!

I think my phone is dying a slow painful death. It crashed lastnight and I had to recover it, restore, and re-sync it. Talk about frustrating!!!! BUT! The good thing is, with my upgrade I can get an iphone 4 for $99.99. That’s MUCH better than the $199.99 it was a few days ago when I checked. I have had this iphone 3G for almost 3 years now. It’s not even a 3GS.  I would at least like to take video! Also, I’d be able to skype with Corri when she goes back to Korea in February! That’s a HUGE plus!

Random Picture of the Day : (I LOVE this picture)

Random Fact of the Day: About 100 people can fit in a blue whale’s mouth. 

Confession of the day: I like to listen to Disney music (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Aladdin etc) on Pandora  and I make Gerald sing along 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’m slacking

  1. OMG I love Sheldon too! I actually have a friend in Amarillo that is exactly like him but not in the genius way. They just look alike, speak similarly, and have the same sense of humor. It’s wonderful but I can’t tell him that because I feel like he would be highly offended. haha. I want to read The Help but it’s been sold out here every time I have gone to the book store. Ridiculous military wives with their crazy amounts of free time….and about your phone. At least it was good timing! Everyone likes a bargain. Thank god for the new 4gs that is making the 4 so much cheaper! when you get it we should skype! also…tell Gerald hi for me and make a video of him singing my favorite “A whole new world” please. LOVE YOU!

    • HAHA, yeah your friend might not like being told he reminds you of Sheldon!! I got The Help from the library. I’ve been wanting to read it for awhile, I don’t know why it’s taking me so long!

  2. I initially heard I could get the iPhone 4s for $99 through Sprint but when I look at the website to pre-order they are all priced above $500!!! Boooooo!

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