Just my luck

Friday I was on my lunch break. My plans were to go to the library, taco villa then back to work. I pulled up to the library and got a text from Kayla saying they were going to the Taco Villa on Milwaukee. I told her I’d meet her there. I got the 2 books I had on hold at the library and headed to Taco Villa. I realized that I had left my debit card at the house so I had to turn around and go get it….. I get my debit card, get back in the car and I’m on my way again. I’m driving along and see a motorcycle cop in a parking lot with his lights on, I pass him and he pulls in behind me. CRAP! He gave me a ticket for speeding. This whole time I thought the speed limit down that one road was 40 and really it’s 30mph.

I headed to Taco Villa again… only I wasn’t headed to Taco Villa, I was headed to Rosa’s. I had forgotten where the Taco Villa was. Doh! I turn around and text Kayla “UGHHHHHH” she texts back “what? where are you?” I respond “I got a freakin ticket and I forgot where Taco Villa was”.  I pull in the parking lot of Taco Villa and my dad calls. I thought hmmm that’s weird. I answered, dad said ‘hey what are you doing?” i said ” going to eat with Kayla, Steve & the kids what are you doing?” He said “Getting lunch at Josies….. so what’s up with you today?” I said “nothing, what’s up with you?” he said “not alot, ok I gotta go”. I go into Taco Villa and ask Kayla if mom and dad have bugged my car or if there is a GPS on it. HA! She said “well did he see you get a ticket?” I said “No I don’t think so”. I eat lunch and don’t give it another thought.

Today, I went to my parents house and dad says “So, did you get a ticket on Friday?” I said “Yes…. how’d you know?” He said “I got stopped a little after you” Then he told me the conversation between him and the cop

Cop : I think I just gave your wife a ticket

Dad: No, my wife is at home with our grandson

Cop: Well do you know Brynne (insert lastname here) ?

Dad: Yes, That is my daughter

Cop: Well, I just gave her a ticket. She was going faster than you were. Mr (insert last name here), I won’t give you a ticket. I just can’t give 2 family members tickets in the same day

Dad said to me today, “Thank you, because of you getting a ticket you caused me not to get one”.  I told him he could pay for my ticket 🙂

Dang, why couldn’t he have gotten stopped first??? 🙂


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