You learn something new everyday

Tonight while at dinner with the family, I was eating a ceaser salad and my sister decided that would be the best time to inform me that the dressing has 1. Raw egg and 2. Anchovies. gag Did she really need to tell me that at that moment? She could have waited until I had eaten said salad.

I went christmas shopping and only bought 1 thing. Totally disappointed because at this time last year I was really good at getting my christmas shopping done.

I’ve been watching HIMYM (I use the letters cause i’m cool like that and I’m too lazy to type it out but i’m not too lazy to type this out? Oh and I think I saw Shonda use the letters, So I guess i’ll give her credit for that). Shonda & Sherilyn have been telling me for FOREVER that it’s the funniest show. I must agree, it’s pretty funny and Shonda is right, I have found myself singing the song.

I really need to go buy a battery charger for my camera. I can’t remember the last time I took a picture with that camera.

I need to figure out how to change my blog up(the background etc). You’d think since i’m super smart I’d know how to do it right?

Edited to add: As you can see I am indeed super smart because I figured out how to change my blog AND add falling snow. Nice touch don’t ya think ? 😉


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