No fun

I’m way behind on blogging. I’ll try to do better.

So I had to be at UMC at 5:30am. Fun right? I couldn’t put on ANY make-up or
anything. I look dead without eye makeup! Mom dad and I hopped in the car
and journeyed on to UMC. I got checked in and the guy at the desk tells me
that I haven’t met my deductible for my insurance…say what?!?! I’ve had 2
ultrasounds, countless dr’s appointments. You bet your bottom I’ve met my
deductible, so I guess I’ll have to take that up with the insurance company.

Mom, Dad & I take our seats in the waiting room, it was pretty busy for it
being 5:30am. At this moment I started getting nervous, feeling like I was
going to throw up all over the tile floor. We didn’t have to wait long, they
called my name (Hey they actually got my name right!). They had me sit on
the bed and a nurse talked to me for a bit asking me my name, birthday and
what I was in there for I thought about saying (If you don’t know then I
don’t want you to be my nurse!). They gave me my gown and very stylish
non-stick socks. After I put on my lovely outfit I got in bed. Obviously I’m
not very good at putting the gown on because daddy saw my butt. HAHAHA. He
jumped up real quick and said he was switching seats. Shonda & Kayla showed
up and we joked around. People kept coming in and bugging me, they started
my IV and it stung and I couldn’t bend my arm very well, that was annoying.
This one guy came in and I hardly understood a word he said. I repeated my
name, birthday and what I was in for like a billion times. Dr. Loveless came
in and talked to me and my family. She said it should only take about 15-20
min. Great! The transport guy finally came in and said he was ready to take
me to the OR. The OR wasn’t ready yet so we waited outside. 2 young guys
came and talked to me and went through all the questions AGAIN. I got my
“cocktail” in my IV to make me go to sleep. They finally wheeled me in, they
parked me up next to a table and since I had never be in there before I was
thinking they were going to move me over because I was feeling woozy
already, no they told me to crawl over onto the table. LOL I bet I looked
funny. I remember laying down and that was it.

I woke up later and looked around and saw mama, daddy & Shonda. I asked
what time it was and they said 11:30. I thought holy crap I was out for a
long time! They informed me I was in surgery for 2 hours, the fibroid was
embedded into my uterus instead of on a stalk like she had thought. Mom told
me the dr had to “chisel” it out…. (I still don’t know what all that
means, does that mean that some of my uterus is missing now?)

Shonda said “Sorry Brynne I was sleeping the whole time” I said “it’s ok so
was I”

They made me get up and try to use the bathroom. As soon as I got out of the
bed I almost fell down because I was so dizzy.

They finally let me leave around 1:30. When we got to mama’s house I went
straight to the couch and slept for like 5 hours. I slept a lot and hung out
with Jude Dude and mama that week. Lots of fun!
Thursday night we went to Casey’s basketball game and I was planning on
going home that night. Kayla told me I looked high, dad said I looked like I
was about to fall over. Kayla said my pupils were very tiny….. I decided
to go back to mom and dad’s.

Friday night mom, Shu, Jude, Shonda and I went to Post to eat at George’s
for PawPaw’s birthday. It was strange to walk into a little restaurant like
that and people were smoking.


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