Ruidoso, creeper, ramblings

Do people still read these things? I don’t think anyone reads mine except my sisters. Not a whole lot is going on in my world. I went to Ruidoso last weekend with the girls and we didn’t take any pictures. What’s up with that?!?! Friday night we got there and talked to Aunt KK & Uncle John for awhile. We talked Aunt KK into getting in the hot tub with us (YAY!). We stayed in the hot tub talking for hours. Aunt KK, Megan & Karen pooped out on us. Lexi and I sat in the gazebo for awhile longer and talked. I think by the time we got in bed it was 4am Texas time. Whoops! Saturday we got up and took showers and got ready for the day. We went to our favorite little place to eat in Ruidoso, it’s called the Cornerstone Bakery. They have the best Tomato Basil soup ever! My mouth waters just thinking about it. After we left there we went to the horse races. We got there right when the 1st race was starting. We got our programs and started to look at the 2nd race. Karen decided which horses she was going to bet on and placed her bet. Sure enough the first race she bet on she won $67! That was really the only money won that day. I think Megan and Lexi won $4.40 on one (Yippie!). Megan and I both got sunburned, you’d think I’d learn to put sunscreen on. When we left there we went to Wal-Mart to get groceries because we were cooking dinner for Aunt KK & Uncle John. While we were there, these 2 guys kept talking to me and Lexi. They were all tatted up, wearing wife beaters etc. They asked where we were from and we said Lubbock. One of the guys said “oh yeah, they have the prison there” without even thinking I said “oh have you been there?” He looked at me like I was a retard. HAHAHAHA. But really, when people hear Lubbock they don’t automatically think “hey they have a prison there” they usually think of Texas Tech, Buddy Holly etc. As we were walking out the door they were walking to their car and said “Hey you wanna party with us?” Uh no thanks weirdo’s!!!! We got back to the house and started making dinner. We had Enchilada Casserole (Megan made it), Spanish rice (Karen made it, it was YUMMY!) Guacamole (I made it). Lexi was supposed to melt the cheese for Queso but she ended up getting side tracked by the deer outside. Haha. Who would have thought that Lexi would get sidetracked??? That night we sat around the fire pit and talked and roasted marshmallows. We got in the hot tub for a bit then played Phase 10 in the gazebo after the adults went to bed… LOL I just realized I said adults…. Even though I’m 26 I don’t think of myself as an adult I guess. HAHAHA. I’m weird, I know. I won Phase 10 (YAY!) Megan & Karen pooped out on us again. Lexi and I got back in the hot tub for awhile and talked. I’m glad she stayed up late with me, if I went to bed when Megan & Karen did I probably would have just laid there and really, who wants to go to bed early on vacation? My new favorite thing to do is sit on my balcony and watch stuff on Netflix on my phone. Last night while sitting on the balcony, this woman and her 3 kids walk by. The mom says “If CPS gets called I’m going to be VERY pissed” haha really?!?! Wow. You can tell I live in a classy apartment complex. I saw that my neighbor is pregnant again… the same neighbor that I’m sure her boyfriend, husband, baby daddy whatever you wanna call him beats their son. That’s a great environment to bring another kid into. My favorite station on Pandora now is Alan Menken. If you love all of the old Disney movies/songs you’ll LOVE this station!!! It’s the greatest. Add it to your stations NOW! Hmmm…. I’m trying to think of what else has been going on and I’m drawing a blank….


3 thoughts on “Ruidoso, creeper, ramblings

  1. Yay! You updated! I did add the station thank you very much. I’m glad you had fun on your vacation.
    I only feel like an adult around certain people. It’s weird huh? Lol! Well love you and talk to you later.

  2. LOL!!! we’re still kids, sitting at the kids table! 🙂 HAHAHAHAHA!! That comment you told that creeper about the prison is HI-LARIOUIS!! 😀 I like funny comebacks like that.. I am a dork.
    Anyways.. Good update.. I REALLY need to blog again.. It’s been almost 2 months. LOL!!

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