I can’t believe tomorrow is almost here… a couple of months ago it felt like it would never get here! I’m super excited. This will be my first vacation in 3 years. I hate to think of those vacation days that went down the drain last year. I WILL use my 2 weeks this year. Next year I’ll get 3! Isn’t that exciting?

I did most of my packing last night…. I should have taken a picture… it’s mostly solid colors and plaids…. Hahahaha. How lame. If someone just saw my wardrobe and didn’t know me they’d think I was batting for the other team, I’d fit right in with all of my neighbors. I swear they have more drama than straight couples. They are always outside yelling at each other, there’s always an “other woman”. Who needs cable when I can just sit on my balcony and watch drama live?

I’m taking Riley to the vet today to be boarded while I’m gone. I’ll be without him for 10 whole days, isn’t that sad???  I’ve never been away from him for that long, he’ll forget all about me 😦

Jardon is leaving me 😦 There has never been a receptionist that I have clicked with more than her (and I’m 8 years old than her!).  I’m going to miss her!!!!  She’s so sweet and always thinking of others. She writes me notes & poems. Who’s going to do that when she’s gone??

Confession time

  1. After watching Lost I am a little nervous about flying.
  2. I’m really going to miss my puppy while I’m gone
  3. Sometimes it’s too much of a hassle to fix something for dinner so I just don’t eat, like last night, and now I’m starving.
  4. I love Tuesday mornings because the agents are all on tour and it’s nice and quiet around the office (like someone who I won’t name said “it’s like having a break from your kids”. Haha).
  5. I spend hours on the computer just playing 1 game. It’s called Ranch Rush. I bought the full version online. I’ll finish the whole game and then restart it to try to earn more money than before. Lame I know.
  6. I met one of my neighbors the other night and ever since then when she sees me outside she’ll say “Hi Brynne!” and I cannot for the life of me remember her name. Oops. Jardon tells me I have the memory of a puppy. 

3 thoughts on “EEEEKKK!!!!

  1. LOL!! 😀 you are such a ding dong!! We’re going to have FUN!! YAY!!!! 😀
    I can’t believe how gay you are…….

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