Get a dog!!!

Seriously look how cute he is!!! His hair cut isn’t as bad as i originally thought. He’s pretty freakin cute now.

On my camera when i go back forth between the first 2 pictures it looks like he’s talking. I showed Gerald and he asked if i was smoking something…
I just love his little face!!! (Riley’s, not Geralds in case you were confused).

This is what we do for hours on end. I throw the stupid blue monster in the exact same spot everytime and he runs and gets it and brings it back. Sometimes before i throw it he’ll run to that spot and look at the wall and wait for it to bounce off. He hates it when i trick him and throw it somewhere else. I think everyone should own a dog. They are quite entertaining.
But be careful when you pick one out… you don’t want this to happen….

Well that’s all i have for today….. COMMENT!!!!


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