I guess i was demoted?!?!

I was the receptionist for 4 years and then i got promoted. Well Paige had emergency surgery on Friday so I’ve been the afternoon receptionist since then. Which means i don’t get off work till 6. BOOOOOO.

I took Riley to the groomers today. He hates going there. He clung on to me for dear life and scratched the crap out of my chest. When i picked him up i finally realized why he hates going so much…. It’s because they made him look retarded and I’m sure the other dogs were making fun of him!! Too bad i don’t have a picture to show you but there’s no sense in embarrassing him even more. At least he didn’t come out looking like this

Tonight is girls night. Lexi & Megan come over every week and we watch

We take turns cooking. Tonight is Megan’s night and she’s making
After we eat and watch our show we go sit outside my apartment door and have girl talk. I’m sure the neighbors think we are pathetic and have no lives because often you’ll find Lexi and i sitting outside my apartment a few times a week.

Sunday i was playing around with the camera and took pictures of Casey & Kelbey. I got some good ones. I love them!!

And my all time favorite…..

5 thoughts on “I guess i was demoted?!?!

  1. It’s just SOOOOOOOO great to know what’s going on in your world Brynnebabe! ;-)Super cute pics of the kiddos!!And yes, I am slightly more happier at this moment…

  2. Oh wait was not a good enough comment for you?? Im sorry… so here it goes. You already know I practically know every move you make so I dont really have to keep up with you on a blog. Plus you get all my smart A** comments in person much less do you need them on a blog. LOL Ok seriously If you EVER and I mean EVER let them do something as ridiculous as that picture to Riley, I would completely disown you and call Animal 911 on you that is sooooo horrible and dang near like torture to that poor dog. So Ive said that peace so now…..I need Granny time soon so you better make sometime away from myspace, facebook and blog spot for me!!! I also need some chicken gumbo and some play time with two of my other favorite kiddos so put me on the mama queda schedule for one of these Sundays, too. Ok so are we good on the commenting for a while, right?!?!?! Haha you know I love you forever time!!!!

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