It’s official…..

I hate being a grown up. Life was so much easier when you were 6 years old and all you had to worry about was if mommy would let you go to your friends house.
You didn’t have to worry about anything!
I had a flat yesterday and my friend Stephen changed it for me and put the donut on. Today on my lunch break i was going to meet my mom at Woody’s to get the tire fixed. Well my car started shaking really bad and i called my mom and told her i didn’t think i needed to be driving it. At that minute i heard a LOUD popping sound and my car started doing weird things and i screamed (sorry mom). Mom said “what is going on?” i said ‘something just happened to my car i think my donut popped” so she told me to pull over i said i was. I was on the access road right in front of walmart. She said she’d call Woody’s and see if they could have someone tow my car.
The guy finally showed up and ended up fixing my tired right there (the one that was flat yesterday). He told mom he’d follow her to the shop and they’d have to do something else to it.
So in the meantime i had to be back at work and so i got the luxury of driving the granny mobile (sorry again mom). Mom has a mini van and that’s just not my style haha.
Mom called me later from the shop and said i need all new tires. BOOOOOOO i really do need a sugar daddy.


3 thoughts on “It’s official…..

  1. πŸ™‚ NO WAY! You better tell me before you tell Chriselda. LOL! πŸ™‚ That sucks about your tire… I would have peed my pants. πŸ™‚

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