Lesson learned……

I went to the grocery store and i hadn’t eaten anything all day…. not a good idea. My total was $120…. i’m the only one going to be eating the food! So take my advice, don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry. I bought a roast. I found a recipe for the crockpot and i’m going to try it out. I didn’t wake up early enough to do it this morning though, i had sales meeting at 8am (which i went to by the way, haha).

Friday Christian had to have surgey so i went to Karen’s house Friday night for a little bit. I took Alvin and the chipmunks over there and we watched that. I walked in the house and Karen’s grandma said “you must be GrannyB i’ve heard alot about you” hahahahaha. I went back over there Sunday afternoon and i had rented Bee Movie for Christian they watched that in the bedroom while Karen, Megan and i talked.
Lexi came over lastnight and we watched 2 episodes of One Tree Hill. We have about 10 more to go. Pathetic i know. The season will be over and we’ll still be catching up.
Did anyone watch Rock of Love ??? I was SO glad that Brett picked Ambre. I couldn’t stay Daisy. Her arms flailing everywhere and her annoying voice made me wanna cringe everytime.
Oh and there’s one thing i’d like to tell her “LAY OFF THE PLASTIC SURGERY!!!”
I’ve decided when i get the rest of my tax money i’m buying a Wii. I think that money should be here in May?? Yep i’m totally buying a wii. I’m blaming it on Cyndi and Jayson.
Well it’s time for lunch so that’s all i’ve got for now.

3 thoughts on “Lesson learned……

  1. You can’t blame your need of a Wii on Cyndi and Jayson! That would be Karen’s fault! LOL! Plus, didn’t Brady say he would buy you one?! Just the other day? HELLO!!!!I wanna come eat w/ you when you cook roast, okay!? You used to come eat my food sometimes.. now it’s time to share the love! BOO YAH! LOVE YA!

  2. YAY! Buy a wii! You will love it! We can hook ours up together so they can compete against each other! My arm is sore from all the wii-ing I’ve been doing. Someone at work told me that my right arm is going to be huge from the wii and my left arm is gonna be wimpy. I’ve already gotten someone else at work to buy one. 🙂

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