You know what i just realized?? The question that says “What is your favorite food” on those survey’s i fill out i always put Steak but yet, i hardly ever eat steak. I eat Italian food at least twice a week but i never mention Italian on those surveys. Hmm…. In 2 weeks i went to carinos once, Fazolis once and olive garden twice and i believe we ordered pizza in between there. Today Lexi and i are going to Carinos to eat…..hmmmmmm

I’m so proud of Chriselda for getting the lead female role!! I am totally stoked for her. I’ll be there with tomatoes err i mean flowers.

Lastnight i went to Hooters with Kasey & Brent for $1 beer night and to eat some fried pickles. I got hit on by an old dude and he slapped by butt. Seriously do old men think we enjoy that?? I sure as heck dont! He had gray hair! He was old enough to be my dad! eeee

Tonight i’m meeting Kasey & Brent at Texas Roadhouse for happy hour. They are going out of town tomorrow for a little romantic getaway (gag).

I never thought i’d say this, but i miss my long(er) hair. It was long to me because it was the longest i’d had it since i was like 10.

So which hairstyle do y’all like better?

1. or 2 ?


4 thoughts on “

  1. i like them both. at first i thought that was your sister and i was like WOW she looks just like you… now i get itand – i like ‘do 2. no tomatoes. save them for the salad!

  2. but i love you more than your hair! wow, we’re serious – we say “love” now…bwahahahahayou wanna meet my parents next?

  3. I vote for the short hair – it is edgy and gives you a sophisticated look – almost as sophisticated as you and Chriselda laying on the floor tipsy…. bwahhhhha!

  4. not talking to you on thursday nights sure is pissing me offi tink you need to come back to amarillo and make it up to me!maybe this time you can meet laken??

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