Lots of pictures!

I have been terrible at posting!!! I don’t have much to report… I haven’t been eating as healthy as I should… I still don’t drink Dr Peppers…. I need to find the motivation again to eat healthy and exercise. 

4th of July we went to the 4th on Broadway.  







Not real sure what my hair was doing in this picture! HAHA






Casey photo bombed us and it was hailarious! 

There for awhile I was fishing a lot with my guy friends, we haven’t been in a couple of weeks but here are some pictures from our fishing trips!





Sherilyn and I went to lunch recently, we used to go to lunch ALL.THE.TIME. We went to one of our favorites, Souper Salad. We used to go there a lot when she was pregnant. Image


Casey got his braces off!! He is so handsome! 



He went back to school today and he is now in 10th grade!! EEEEKKK!!!! That makes me feel so old!

Kelbey started her very first day of school today. She has been homeschooled up until now. She is in the 6th grade. 


Isn’t she pretty ??? 


I decided I needed a change…. so I made a drastic change! 


ImageEveryone that has seen it LOVES it! I’m pleased with it. I told my hair stylist that I probably lost a few pounds! Haha. 

Well, I think that’s it for now! Hope everyone has a great week!




I need lessons on applying sunscreen

Hello everyone!!

Well I fell behind in the photo a day challenge and gave up. Surprise surprise!

Saturday, my friend Karen and I went swimming. It was good to have girl time. I mostly hang out with my guy friends, all of my girl friends are either married or they don’t live here… I had been needing girl time!


I put sunscreen on THREE times, Karen can back that up… I don’t know how this happened.


Really?!?! My poor pale skin.


A couple of months ago my Iphone broke and I wasn’t up for an upgrade, a friend let me borrow his until I could get a new one. I ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy S4. I.LOVE.IT!!!! I posted on Facebook asking if I should get the iphone 5 or the Galaxy. Almost everyone commented back saying Iphone. I am SO glad I didn’t listen to them! I think people are just afraid of change, something new. They are all on the iphone bandwagon and afraid to switch. I’m glad I switched to an android! The camera is SO much better on the galaxy, my pictures on the iphone were always really grainy and I hated that!


Still going strong on eating healthier. I’m down 7lbs. I haven’t had a coke since May 5th!! I’ve only had fast food maybe 2 or 3 times since then.
I did cheat the other day and got a Taco Villa burrito… I used to eat Taco Villa at least twice a week ( a lot of times it would be more!) so that’s pretty good!

Well that’s all I have for now. I will be taking a lot more pictures now that I have a better phone with a better camera!


Day 7: Bright


Day 8: Animal


Day 9: From Down Low

Saturday I went fishing again. It was a lot of fun. We caught several fish and then back to Zach’s house and he made a pizza that was really good!








I haven’t been working out at all….. That is going to change SOON! I’m down 6 lbs. I’m sure that is from not drinking cokes. It’s been over a month! I’m pretty proud of myself.

Texas Summer Nights


Day 5: Environment

Lastnight I went to Zach’s house. We decided to go to the lake by his house to go fishing. We didn’t catch anything but we (me, Zach & Kevin) had fun just sitting out there talking. We stayed past dark, people were posting all over Facebook about not being ready for the bad weather, being scared, parking cars at car washes and we kept saying “Do these people know something we don’t?” “Why are they freaking out? We never get storms” etc. Not 10 minutes after we got back to Zach’s the storm hit us. It was INSANE! It seriously looked like a hurricane outside. The trees looked like they were going to bend in half. It poured, hailed etc. I’m glad we left the park when we did!
My sister, Kayla, said their power was out for awhile. We lost power at Zach’s house but it came right back on.

While at Zach’s I was standing at the back door with it open, watching the storm. The wind slammed the door shut and it went right over my foot! OUCH! My big toe hurts so bad now, It hurts to wear shoes!

This is another picture I took while we were at the park




Day 4: After Dark

I am determined to stick with this photo challenge this month! So far so good.

If only I could say the same thing for the Shred….. I just can’t get motivated to get off my butt and do it. Although, I watched Extreme weight loss lastnight and that always gets me motivated but it was too late by the time I got done watching it. This girl lastnight started out weighing 314lbs (she was 400lbs at her heaviest but lost 100lbs on her own), at the end she weighed 155lbs! Wow! Talk about inspiring! I know I don’t have anywhere near that much to lose, I just want to lose 10-15 lbs and get in shape. If she can do it so can I! I’m thinking of joining a gym.
I’m still eating healthy. I made a porkchop and asparagus for dinner lastnight, I still haven’t had a coke…. although the other day I told my sister I wanted a Cherry Limeade and she brought me one from Sonic and it did not agree with me! No more of those for me! That’s just proof that I don’t need any of that in my body.

I’m currently reading


Karen Kingsbury’s The Chance.

I’m not too far into it yet but so far so good! I love her books! The thing with her books though is, she usually writes series. I don’t like series, I like stand alone books. This is the first stand alone book she has written in awhile so I’m excited to get further into it!